Summer Institute 2022

The second annual summer institute is set to be another transformative experience for postgraduate and doctoral scholars of colour. Sign up to our summer institute to nurture your mind as you take in words of wisdom from many speakers and are introduced to many different subject fields e.g: research methodologies and literature, intersectionality and art.

In 2022 the focus will be on spirituality, religion and psychology so register and click here to go on an adventure with us.

Suppose you are an undergraduate student considering a postgraduate degree. In that case, this event is also an excellent opportunity to network with graduate students who are navigating the post-graduate experience and faculty who are leading by example in the movement towards democratising research and the academy.

The line-up of workshop presenters includes:

  • Professor Robert Beckford, University of Winchester: “Drinking from our own wells: black religious-cultural resources for revolutionary artistic practice in Documentary Film Production, Contemporary Urban Music and Radio Drama”
  • Professor Navtej Purewal, SOAS, University of London: “Spiritual resistance to structural oppression: methods and methodologies of empathy and solidarity”
  • Dr William Ackah, Birkbeck, University of London: “Learning to Listen: Observation and Interaction with African Diasporic Faith Communities in the US”
  • Dr. Astrid Jamar, University of Antwerp: “Drawing Dreams as a gate to affective and pluriversal knowledge”
  • Dr. Elvis Imafidon, SOAS, University of London: “Deconstructing the Received View: Taking Ethno-ontologies Seriously in Research”
  • Dr. Lubumbe Van de Velde, Director UBYLULU Ltd.: “Tridimensional intersectionality as a method of decolonisation”
  • Dr. Gifford Rhamie, Lecturer and CEO of Rockstone Consultancy: “Critical Conviviality: Applying a Literary Hermeneutic to Ancient Afroasiatic Texts”
  • Linos Wengara Magaya, SOAS, University of London: “Zimbabwean Spiritual Music”
  • Dr. James Caron, SOAS, University of London: “Decolonial Research Methods: Literature as Thought and Practice”

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