Samantar Osman

BA African Studies, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics.

Samatar Osman, is a neurodivergent multidisciplinary artist, who aspires to bring joy, laughter and healing for Afrikan folks beyond borders. He is a poet and an alumnus of Roundhouse Poetry Collective 2019/21. Samatar as a DJ has done sets with Voices Radio, Foundation FM and performed in spaces such as Gaias Garden, Sumweekly, SOAS SU.

Samantar’s project “A Reflection Piece: Our Aural Counterpublics and ‘can my Soundscapes be an ‘ear-witness’ to our Black Realities’? composes soundscapes in an attempt to avoid the ‘colour-blindness’ in environmental soundscape and makes his listeners witness my Black British reality and the facets that accompany this, such as, culture, temporality, spaces, and locations.