Nourish to Flourish Workshops

“Self-care is a radical act”


The Nourish to Flourish Workshops are a series of bespoke radical self-care workshops for Black Scholars at SOAS. Nourish to Flourish (N2F) is a project that began in 2019. This is a project that centres on the black experience of black artists and black scholars. N2F was born out of Ebony Initiative at SOAS, University in London and aims to improve the experience of the black scholar, to help with the mental health challenges and stresses of navigating a colonial based institution, the academy. N2F that we might dare to nourish ourselves and beyond surviving we have the right to flourish.

These community-centred workshops:

  • Create a safe space (online) to share, tell stories and hearten some courage
  • Provide an opportunity to meet other black scholars in zoom rooms and chat about radical self -care and what community means. How can we help each other to flourish?
  • Include a FREE radical self-care package posted to participants
  • Build community in a relaxed and supportive environment

Workshop 1: Radical self- care in the face of burnout, facilitated by Dr Mikal Woldu. (15 June 2021)

Workshop 2: Chat n’ Chai, facilitated by Ama Su (14 July 2021)

The writing retreat that happened from the 9th-12th of May was an amazing turnout for all those involved. Below are a few pictures to show you all what it’s like.