Nourish to Flourish Podcasts

Introducing a series of bespoke well being workshops for Ebony Initiative Scholars at SOAS.

We all know of the demands of university life, especially as black scholars. We navigate intergenerational racialised trauma within a colonially rooted institutional space every day. On top of educational demands, our experience can be exhausting. We are not here to merely survive; we are here to thrive. Our ancestors and lineages made great sacrifices for us to walk in their footprints on our diasporic land. How do we “walk good” in these times of flux, and uncertainty? To walk good, we need to keep our feet on the ground, this requires a true presence of being and a commitment to our entitlement to, equality and belonging.

We are stronger together, this is what underpins the Nourish to Flourish initiative, which has been created to provide safer spaces and time for our souls to unite, take refuge and rest. It is clear from research literature that taking time to build relationships and a sense of community is really important for students to have a positive experience and successful outcomes at university (Bovill, 2020; Felten & Lambert 2020; Mayhew et al, 2016; Thomas 2021)

In these workshops, we take time to consider our bodies, minds, and spirits. Last year, we offered a very popular chai making mindfulness workshop. N2F workshops were also offered as a part of Ebony Initiative scholars writing retreat. We create and strengthen as a community, bonding and healing the scars born out of division and inequality from slavery, colonialism, and racism. We are entitled to; thrive, connect, share compassion, and encourage. N2F offers a space where you will be given tools to nourish your body, mind, spirit, and flourish as Black scholars. Look out for brain training podcasts in 2023 and in person movement meditation workshops.

For more information or if you would like to help in any way please contact me: AmaSu:

You can also check the EI padlet for more information about the podcasts. Feel free to click and read!

Amanda Suzanne Evans:

Ama Su is a wellness practitioner, with a long background in teaching yoga and meditation, movement, dance, and performance arts. She is a storyteller, poet, breathing movement facilitator and mindfulness signpost.