Ebony Initiative scholars receive mentorship and support from faculty and professional services staff across the University. All members of the Ebony Initiative management team provide mentoring and 1-2-1 support to the Ebony scholars. Colleagues in the SOAS careers services offer CV support for EI Junior Research Summer Programme (JRSP) applicants. Furthermore, peer-to-peer mentorship is also encouraged in the EI community. For example, each year the EI doctoral students volunteer to provide guidance to the JRSP awardees to assist them in completing their research projects.

The “Room with a View” workshop series profiles black academics from across the UK. Each year a different group of scholars participates in the series and share their career pathways and reflections on academic life with the EI scholars. In 2021, the series profiled black professors from four universities in the UK, including Chichester, University of West England Sussex, and SOAS. In 2022, the panel consists of early and mid-career scholars from the UK and Germany.

These events give the students extra support, allow them to build professional networks and help them to visualize what career excellence looks like for Global Majority scholars and academics. The panelists often have follow-up meetings with EI students and in some cases become informal mentors to the PhD students.