A’isha Usman Mu’azu

A’isha Mu’azu is a multidisciplinary artist and academic with a profound connection to contemporary African art, black modes of knowledge transmission, and music. As a self-taught producer, designer, DJ; visual artist, singer, and poet, they have cultivated multiple vehicles for their artistic expression. They intend to pursue research and action within Afro-centric scholarship and artistic archival. As a musician, writer and Artist, she hopes to use her artistic abilities to channel esoteric knowledge into creative forms that can enrich and enable her peers and generations beyond her to access knowledge that may not have once been widely understood. Her work in the research project stems from a life long curiosity about African philosophies and cosmologies – a passion which brought her to SOAS.

Degree Programme: Development Studies and Languages and Cultures

Department: Development Studies

JRSP Project Title: Return to Kemet : An exploration into Kemetic cosmology and the lost origins of astrological schools of thought.