JRSP 2022 Project: Feven Eyob Michael

Project Synopsis

Through conversations that delve into the biographies and powerful stories of three Black womxn- named Nebula, Tasha and Cheza- it is hoped this mindfulness mini-series takes the listeners on a journey: to learn about identities, cross-cultural ties, creative practices and the ways this makes itself manifest through creative community engagements. Although it was initially expected for this project to research neo-spirituality, most of the conversations continued to circle back specifically to the topic of mindfulness.

In this case, mindfulness is not just sitting in one place and meditating (though all mention this as a component). Rather, it is any activity that acts as a vehicle for each participant to root into feelings of presence. Presence is put forth as a vital spiritual dimension that brings each person a deeper sense of awe and love for themselves and their communities at large. This mindfulness podcast miniseries is, therefore, about the practices of spirituality and creativity that cultivate a presence. A presence which draws threads of meaning between and beyond concepts of the individual and community, human and higher self, ancestry and Afro-futures.

Podcast Details

Episode One: Nebula

Episode #1 introduces Spoken Word artist and Astrologically attuned Nebula, who uses storytelling to invite us into the ways she collects tales from celestial bodies and elders alike. This episode follows how Nebula’s reconnection to her ancestry by visiting her motherland Uganda, becomes the basis for powerful experiences of healing using herbal baths given by her grandmother. Our conversation then explores how the experience of spirituality directly impacts love on an individual and interpersonal level.

Episode Two: Tasha

In Episode #2, we meet Tasha, whose vibrant biography comprises: a mindfulness guide, conscious Christian, community leader and organiser, a researcher for social policy as well as a pageant queen. This point of departure leads to our discussion of how all these aspects of her life converge with the organisation she founded called “Manifesting Legacy”. This initiative is dedicated to creating a lasting and healing impact by improving community access to mindfulness techniques.

Episode Three: Cheza

Then finally, in Episode #3 of this miniseries, we speak to Cheza. With them, we gain insight into how they move between feeling into a multidimensional self through “artivism” and how that coexists with attaining the human needs of their everyday. Our conversation dives into the ways Cheza invites presence by engaging in creative practices such as circus, movement facilitation and music. We address how Cheza delivers these practical insights and tools through the collective they founded called “Create Conscious Community”. Furthermore, we speak about the importance of holding space for our communities’ joy through festivals and raves to connect to our ancestry and heal our futures.