Feven Eyob

Department: African Studies and Social Anthropology BA.

Feven is co-founder and Creative Director of the Black and African Solidarity Show (B.A.S.S.). Feven is passionate about community outreach through cultural events, with a focus on African Diasporic peoples and experiences. Feven has spent the past 5 years working on initiating transcultural connections through curating inclusive event spaces both in the UK and Germany. The focus of their Summer Researcher Project was to spotlight the biographies and powerful stories of three Black womxn- named Nebula, Tasha and Cheza- to create a mindfulness mini-series that takes the listeners on a journey: to learn about self-healing, identities, cross-cultural ties, creative practices and the ways this makes itself manifest through creative community engagements.

Feven is a performance artist in hulahoop dance and spoken word poetry and is in their final year of studying African Studies and Social Anthropology BA at SOAS, University of London.