Junior Researchers Summer Programme

The SOAS Junior Researcher Summer Programme (JRSP) is a new programme that offers opportunities for black (including African, Afro-diaspora and/or mixed race) undergraduate students to build their research skills and explore research pathways.

The programme aims to encourage and inspire UG students to think about postgraduate study and research-based careers, and to support students along that path by introducing them to research skills and giving them an opportunity to explore research questions that they feel are relevant to their own lives, communities and the world around us. This year the programme will provide resources, mentorship and funding to five students throughout the summer months.

The first cohort of JRSP undergraduate students embarked on a 6-week full-time research project during the Summer 2021. At the end of the programme students produced a research output of their choice (for example a poster, video, podcast or blog post) to showcase their research findings.

Each student also receives research skills training to assist them with their project, and three mentorship sessions with a doctoral student, post-doctoral fellow or faculty member through the programme.