Emmanuella Bamfo

A recent graduate of History from SOAS University of London, Emmanuella is interested in exploring experiences of nationalism and resistance in colonial and post-colonial societies. She is particularly drawn to the exploration of hidden narratives that lie unexploited within archival materials, as well as the gaps and omissions in the historical record. She strongly believes that history possesses a significant storytelling capacity, and loves examining the diverse ways in which literature embodies historical phenomena.

Her JRSP research project discerns songs—both their lyrical content and musical composition—as symbolic and literary devices that encapsulate the struggle endured by South Africans against the apartheid regime. By examining the cathartic role of music for individuals from colored and black communities during apartheid, her project sheds light on its transformative power. Her project examines how songs evolved into a psychological tool of warfare for South Africans, ultimately functioning as a medium of liberation.

Project Title: From Melodies to Liberation: An Examination of the Role Music Played in the Struggle Against South Africa’s Apartheid Regime