Emile Pierre Basenda Motanda

Emile Motanda is a PhD Economics Student with a broad experience in financial administration and project management in Africa. He worked as a Country Finance Officer for nine years at The Marist Brothers-DRC and as a member of the Board of Management for the Africa-Central-East Region (including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Central Africa Republic and the D.R Congo) for two years. Emile has 9+ years of experience managing financial resources and coordinating development projects in DR Congo, leading management teams of up to 150. He also worked as Assistant Lecturer in Economics at Pan African University of Congo and Marist University of Congo. Emile holds an MSc Accounting and Finance Degree from the University of Salford (Manchester) and an MSc Economics Degree from SOAS, University of London. Emile has exemplary academic performance and leadership skills. He is currently a PhD Economics Student at SOAS researching the Informal Economy, Economic growth and Unemployment in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In his free time, Emile likes to read about African history and develop his Stata and VBA coding skills.

Degree Programme: Economics

Department: Economics