Amanda Suzanne Evans

Amanda Suzanne Evans, I am also known as AmaSu. I am an independent researcher whose interest lies in African diaspora creative liberatory practices for more information on my practice see here AmaSu. My background includes a Performing Arts BA hon degree at Middlesex University, a career in professional dance, and 25 years yoga, mindfulness, and meditation teaching. I completed my MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation in India and Tibet at SOAS, writing a dissertation on the intersection of yoga and dance. In my role as President to SOAS Yoga Society, I initiated the first Afro yoga classes at SOAS and introduced the first PoC yoga classes to UCL. I created the project Nourish to Flourish (N2F), working alongside Dr Mikal Woldu in its initial stages. We facilitated online workshops for Ebony scholars throughout the Corona Virus pandemic. N2F has been supported by Ebony Initiative, Widening Participation and The Knowledge Exchange Fund since 2020. I have been working with EI scholars since its inception and am proud to have been part of the team facilitating mindfulness workshops at Ebony Initiative’s first Residential Writing Retreat.

My interest and commitment to both study and self-care is underpinned by equality and decolonising academic approaches. Brain training workshops, how to breathe and meditate sessions run throughout the year, resources and podcasts are being developed as online tools. My most recent work has been with the African Diaspora Consortium based across the US, Brazil, UK and Bermuda bringing Black academics and artists together in discussion and exchange.

AmaSu continues to offer mindfulness breathing practices as part of the Writing and Presentation Space I am here to encourage black and brown scholars to ‘walk good’, to thrive throughout their academic journeys in body, mind, and spirit. Our mission at WAPS is to widen and nurture the development of Black scholar communities at SOAS, networking with UK universities, our body of African diaspora students is worldwide.