Nurturing Black Scholars to Excellence


The Ebony Initiative is a unique programme which aims to recognise the excellence of black scholars and advance decolonised knowledge production and educational justice at SOAS. The programme includes regular events throughout the year such as academic skills-building sessions, well-being workshops, writing support, community-building spaces, career mentoring and research and funding support and guidance. This year the programme will also include a Spring writing retreat and summer research programme for undergraduate students.


A multi-pronged approach exposing racialised researchers to essential academic and research skills with an emphasis on culturally relevant research methodologies and practices.


Community building spaces, career mentoring, peer-2-peer mentoring, a faculty-guided summer junior research placement, and more.


 Funding support and guidance which seeks to address the broken pipeline of black students  progressing to PGT, PhDs and academic positions in UK HE.

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